Running Club

The rhythm of modern life has a furious pace. Luckily for us there are numerous machines and robots to facilitate our daily errands. Yet rarely anyone manages to accomplish everything while holding tight onto high spirits and keeping stress out. At the end of the day one either feels a lack of motivation or just being out of energy. This is where physical exercising comes into help. You need a boost of endorphins to keep you on track. And this is why I Barre. 

Needless to say how lucky I feel having found in Portland a locally owned Industrial Barre. In the modern tastefully designed studios not only you are greeted into a friendly environment, practice effective yet safe full body work out, you

also are gettingintroduced to the vibrant community of unique and inspiring individuals who are both your peers and instructors. All this ultimately contributed into becoming an I Barre instructor myself and then organizing our own running club. 

Nowadays we see more and more runners joining Industrial barre classes. And here is why: in order to build stamina and endurance regular running routine is not enough. Runners need to do a cross training. That is right there are plenty of kinds of other sports to choose. But only barre classes offer a workout that builds and strengthens muscles while being gentle on joints and ligaments. 

Or wait a moment, you are not a runner? Do not worry it just means you are not a runner yet. What? You can’t? I believe that “I can’t” only takes your chances away. You’re only a step from “I can and I do”. Sign up for the IBarre class and join our running club on Thursday at 10:40am at Sellwood location. Don’t forget to thank yourself afterwards while enjoying that double buzz of endorphins!