Industrial Barre™ is a local fitness studio that uses targeted ballet barre exercises to develop a strong physique. Clients are guided through an intense workout that sculpts and tones postural muscles to create efficiency and strength through its combination of intense isometric exercises.  The full body workout challenges large muscle groups: legs, glutes, chest, back, arms and core until they are fatigued and then focuses on dynamic stretching to shape muscles and fascia.  All exercises are low impact, easy on the joints and dramatically improve posture. 

The Industrial Barre curriculum stems from the Lotte Burk Method, the original barre-based fitness routine developed over sixty years ago.  All exercises at Industrial Barre have been rigorously studied and approved by certified physical therapists to ensure safety while maximizing effects with the lowest direct impact. Additionally, all classes are taught on a carpeted floor, which provides extra support for the body and joints.


i barre

I Barre™ is our signature total body workout designed to strengthen and then stretch your muscles for increased blood flow and longevity. Each class incorporates a warm up, floor work and weight work before focusing on the ballet barre for the larger muscle groups such as: the back, quads, glutes and hamstrings and ends with intense core work and deep stretching. Take this class whether you are a beginner or a barre pro!


steel barre

Steel Barre™ is our advanced class designed for clients that are looking to up their barre game. In this focused and intense hour, steel your mind for more thigh, more seat, more core and a lot of fun!

*Because of the intensity of this class, it is required that clients take twenty (20) I Barre classes before attending Steel Barre and that they have excellent form and are familiar with the I Barre exercise curriculum.

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Industrial Ride™ is our sister studio! The indoor-cycling class that redefined cycling and changed the industry incorporates choreography that targets your legs, core and upper body and uses resistance training (hills, sprints, interval pushes) to push the limits and build strength! It also includes real-time Performance Metrics and statistics to track progress and is the perfect compliment to any barre routine.