Industrial Barre welcomes all levels of both male and female patrons over the age of eighteen.  Clients of 14 to 17 must have a parent present to attend class with them.  Classes may be used as a primary fitness program or as a complement to an existing program. 



Create an account: Classes fill up quickly! To save time in the studio, create an account online, purchase one of our Introductory Specials and book yourself into class!

Hydrate: Water is a must and a light snack prior to class is recommended.  Bring a water bottle or purchase one in studio. We have a refillable water stations.

Attire:  Please arrive in yoga or Pilates type clothing. We require pants or crops that cover the knee and shirts that cover the midriff. For men wearing shorts, we ask that you layer with a pair of bike shorts or compression shorts. Socks that cover the entire foot are required in the studio at all times to preserve the cleanliness of the carpet. We suggest wearing grippy socks. If you do not own a pair, we sell them at the studio!



Check In:  New clients are asked to please arrive fifteen minutes early in order to complete paperwork and get acquainted with the studio and the instructor. 

Safety:  At Industrial Barre it is important to listen to your body. If you have been cleared to exercise, we welcome you to our studio. Please inform your instructor if you are pregnant or recovering from an injury prior to class start. Communicate with your instructor so that you can be provided with necessary modifications for both pre/post natal and/or injury.

*Walk-ins are welcome; however, space is limited and we cannot guarantee space at the barre without a reservation.  Because space is limited, we require at least four hours notice of your cancellation or you will incur a charge with a membership or a reduction of one class from your class pack.