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Hayley moved to Oregon from Las Vegas in February 2016. She was craving a new adventure in life, which led her to leave everything familiar behind and start a new chapter in Oregon. She graduated from UNLV with a bachelors in psychology in 2012 and since then has developed a passion for health and nutrition. She is constantly seeking out ways of living in balance: healthy and happy! 

She first discovered Industrial Barre when searching for a new workout studio online. She loved the concept of barre and was excited to see what it was all about. She is so glad she did! Being a part of the Industrial Barre team is so inspiring and has brought a sense of belonging for her being away from "home". 

In her free time she enjoys being outdoors - whether it be snowboarding, running, or wine tasting (yes, wine tasting is a hobby!). She also loves to curl up at home with her boyfriend and two cats. Again, balance!