Olga Kelly

Born in the USSR. Brought up in Ukraine. Pursued her dreams in the Middle East. Found peace of mind in Portland.

In 2009, Olga packed her life into a suitcase and with a one way ticket in hand flew to Portland. She fell in love with the Pacific Northwest at first sight, yet she didn't stay here for long because she got her dream job offer in Dubai. There she lived for two years surfing the world at 30,000 feet as a flight attendant. But, her heart was longing to come back to Portland. So the suitcase got packed again and she flew back to PDX. 

From then on Olga has been enjoying the gift of life with her husband and their two kids exploring outdoors in their leisure time. 

While running her daily errands, Olga stopped by the newly opened Industrial Barre + Ride studio in Sellwood. Registered. Took her first class. And could not stop since then. The challenge and inspiration that she found here helped her to rediscover herself and find her new passion. 

When not in the studio Olga can be found on the running trail practicing for her next race. 

Olga believes in the power of:

  • positive thinking (it moves her forward);
  • love (it saves the world); and
  • dark chocolate (it gives her a superhuman power).