A minimum of three people must be signed up for class two hours before class starts. If there are less than three people signed up, class will be canceled and we will alert anyone signed up by phone/email/text. To ensure class occurs, sign up! In case of inclement weather or emergencies, check the schedule on our app or call the studio! We also post updates on social media so make sure to follow us @industrialbarreandride!

Clients are encouraged to take both Industrial Barre + Industrial Ride classes; however, the maximum number of classes a client may take in a single day is two. This can be two Barre classes, two Ride classes, or one of each.

If you sign up for multiple classes in one day, you must adhere to the Late Cancelation Policy for all of the classes booked. This policy is also enforced if clients get into class from the Waitlist.


Subscribe to alerts & watch your email and/or texts in case you find yourself on a waitlist! Our waitlists move quickly & often times people are moved into class overnight. When you are added to class from the waitlist, you will receive a text and/or email alerting you that you are now in class.

Signing up for a waitlist holds the same weight as signing up for a class. You may be added to class any time before class starts. If you are added to a class after 9pm for early morning (6:00, 6:30, 7:00, and 7:30am) & all weekend classes & you do not show up, you will be charged $15 if you are on a membership or unlimited package or you will lose a class from your class pack.

For clients that are still on the waitlist less than one hour before class is scheduled to start, you may still have a chance of getting into the class! If a spot opens up, you will receive a text/email as well as a phone call alerting you that you have been added. You may also show up at the studio & wait for a spot to open up. In all instances where you are added to the class & you do not show up, you will still be charged $15 if you are on a membership or unlimited package or you will lose a class from your class pack.

If you are added to class outside of our Late Cancel window, you may cancel your spot on the app or on our website as you would any other class.

Please note, once a waitlist is full, you cannot be added to the waitlist.


For early morning (6:00am, 6:15am, and 7:30am) and all weekend classes, we require cancelations to be made by 9:00pm the night before the scheduled class. For all other classes, we require four hours’ notice if you cannot make it to class. Cancel on our app, by email or by phone. If you cancel your spot after the cutoff, your account will be charged. If you are on a class pack, one class will be deducted from your package. 


Please arrive five (5) minutes before the start of class. Clients arriving more than five (5) minutes after class starts will not be permitted into the studio. If you are not checked in at the front desk three (3) minutes prior to the start of class, Industrial Barre + Ride reserves the right to give your spot at the barre or on the bike away to someone who might be waiting/wanting to attend the class. If you are running late, call the studio and we will hold your place for five (5) minutes after the start of class.  After the five (5) minute window, you will be considered a late cancel and any late cancellation fees or penalties will occur.


If you must leave early from an Industrial Barre class, please leave during “Back Dancing” rather than the “Final Stretch” so we can keep that part of class calm & tranquil for everyone!

If you must leave early from an Industrial Ride class, please leave right before the "Final Stretch" so we can keep that part of class calm & tranquil for everyone!


In order to keep our studio carpets clean and hygienic for Industrial Barre classes, kindly have socks on that cover your entire foot before you enter the studio and wear workout crops or pants and shirts that cover your midriff.

For an Industrial Ride class, please arrive in comfortable, workout attire that you are ready to sweat in. Industrial Ride's Schwinn bikes are equipped with clips and require cycling shoes with cleats to take class. You can bring your own (the bikes are compatible with SPD and LOOK Delta cleats) or you can rent shoes at the studio. For clients that plan to participate in cycling, we recommend investing in a pair of your own cycling shoes. Socks are required when renting shoes.


The studio is a tech-free zone. If you’re on-call or need to be available, you may leave your cell phone with the Client Concierge. They’ll keep an eye on it and alert you if necessary. This way you can relax and get a great workout without distraction. Kindly leave your bluetooth and corded or wireless headphones outside the studio as well.


If you wear earplugs, make sure they are not blocking out the sound completely. We need you to hear us!


Please dispose of gum before class. If you need a mint, we have Altoids at the front desk!


We are not authorized to watch children while you take class. WeVillage is next door at our NE Irvington location so you can drop your little one off with people who are trained and specialize in childcare. We also can’t board or watch pets.


Please bring only water into class. Unfortunately, coffee, tea & red wine don’t mesh well with a packed class & carpet or bikes! You can bring a water bottle from home and fill up at our cooler or you can purchase water or an Industrial Barre + Ride water bottle.


All sales are final at Industrial Barre + Ride. This includes all products, class packs, memberships, etc. We encourage clients to try on retail items before purchasing!


TWENTY Class Packs expire one year from purchase date. TEN Class Packs expire six months from purchase date. FIVE Class Packs expire three months from purchase date. Single classes expire 30 days from purchase date. Classes and/or Class Pack expirations cannot be extended. 



We do our best to make sure any items left behind after class are returned to their rightful owner; however, on the last day of each month, any Lost and Found items will be donated so please alert us immediately if you think you have left something behind Please note, we are not responsible for any lost items.

Please let us know if you have any questions! Thanks a ton for understanding the policies and procedures!

The Industrial Barre + Ride Team